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Journal publications

Artistic productions

  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus. (2020) Aeolian Symmetries. Aeolian Symmetries
  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus. (2020) Cosmic Energy Transfer. Cosmic Energy Transfer
  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus. (2020) Mimoza. Mimoza
  • Engum, Trond; Waadeland, Carl Haakon; Elvemo, Johan-Magnus; Henriksen, Thomas. (2020) Magnify the sound at Dokkhuset - Artistic research week. null
  • Engum, Trond; Waadeland, Carl Haakon; Henriksen, Thomas; Elvemo, Johan-Magnus; Wittner, Otto Jonassen. (2020) Concert at NowNet Arts Conference 2020. Magnify the Sound concert at NowNet Arts conference
  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus. (2019) Deep-dive Into the Brain - Kunst- og vitenskapsprosjekt. Deep-dive Into the Brain - kunst- og vitenskapsprosjekt
  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus; Engum, Trond. (2019) Transformed Perception - kunst- og vitenskapsprosjekt. Transformed Perception
  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus; Engum, Trond. (2019) Visit. Visit
  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus; Ryeng, Eirin Olaussen. (2019) Fiskene kommer. Fiskene kommer
  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus. (2018) Lost Memory Into Whiteness. Lost Memory Into Whiteness
  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus. (2018) Lost Memory into Whiteness. Lost Memory Into Whiteness
  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus. (2018) SeaTime. SeaTime
  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus. (2017) Into Whiteness (Utvidet Lost Memory). Into Whiteness (Utvidet Lost Memory)
  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus. (2017) Lost Memory. Lost Memory
  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus. (2017) SeaTime - Fjord Cadenza. SeaTime
  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus. (2017) Veils. Veils
  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus. (2015) Liar. Liar - polsk kortfilm
  • Elvemo, Johan-Magnus. (2015) My Running Rat. My Running Rat