Background and activities

Discipline and work area

I am a PhD candidate at biophysics, where I am investigating how  prostate cancer treatment can be improved using state-of-the-art imaging (MRI) and radiation dose escalation to agressive tumor part inside of the prostate
In addition, I work as a medical physicist at the radiotherapy department at St.Olavs Hospital


Medical physicist since 2008


  • 2003-2008: Education Master of Science/Medical physics, Umeå University, Sweden
  • 2008-2016: 100 % Medical Physicist at radiotherapy department, Nordland Hospital Trust, Norway
  • 2016-2018: 100 % Medical Physicist at radiotherapy department, St.Olavs Hospital, Norway
  • 2018-today: 50 % PhD at NTNU, 50 % Medical Physicist at St.Olavs Hospital, Norway