Background and activities

PhD scholar at Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine. Studying breast cancer in the Breast Cancer Subtypes Group

Field of study
The Breast Cancer Subtypes project aims at identifying biomarkers that can be used for better prediction of patient prognosis. In doing so, one can improve patient survival and also prevent overtreatment. Our material comprises almost 2000 breast cancer tumours from women born in Trøndelag. The research group has separated the tumours into six subtypes with different survival. 

I study the occurrence of tumour vessels and growing tumour vessels in the different breast cancer subtypes. The aim is to gain further knowledge about the biology of each subtype, and to investigate whether the number of vessels in a tumour has prognostic value. The research is in collaboration with the Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) at the University of Bergen and Det Norske Radiumhospitalet (DNR) at the University of Oslo. 

Main supervisor: Professor Anna M. Bofin
Co-supervisors: Scientist PhD Hege Russnes (DNR) and Professor Lars A. Akslen (CCBIO)

2010-2017 Medical student at NTNU
2012-2016 Attendee at the medical student research programme at NTNU


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