Background and activities

Research Scientist at Centre of Myeloma Research the Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine.

My research group studies a blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma, a cancer arising in the antibody producing plasma cells in the bone marrow. This cancer is a relatively rare cancer diagnosed in approximately 400 people each year in Norway. Unfortunately, this cancer can be quite aggressive, and multiple myeloma is still an incurable disease, although the introduction of new drugs the two last decades have increased the median survivalfrom 3 to 6 years. Drug resistance is a major and unsolved problem in myeloma. The primary focus of our research is to understand the genetic and molecular events that occur from the time of diagnosis and to the development of a tumor later in the disease stage which is refractory to therapy. We use novel methods, such as next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis of both tumor cells and cell free DNA, as well as well-established cell biology methods. 

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