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Member of the board of Tekna at NTNU, and deputy member in IDF LOSAM at the Faculty of Engineering.


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Journal publications

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  • Rustad, Turid; Hultmann, Lisbeth; Tobiassen, Torbjørn; Tran, Minh Phu. (2010) Effects of handling stress in farmed cod. Seafood: Getting most, serving best.
  • Hultmann, Lisbeth; Tobiassen, T.; Esaiassen, M.; Rustad, Turid. (2008) Quality characteristics of farmed Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) during iced storage, after exposure to handling stress. Seafood from catch and aquaculture for a sustainable supply.
  • Hultmann, Lisbeth; Rustad, Turid. (2007) Effects of temperature abuse on textural properties and protelytic activities during post mortem iced storage of farmed Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). Seafood: Source of health and well-being.
  • Crescente, Christian Miguel; Torsæter, Ole; Hultmann, Lisbeth; Strøm, Arne Reidar; Rasmussen, Kjetil; Kowalewski, Espen. (2006) An experimental study of driving mechanisms in MIOR processes by using Rhodococcus sp. 094. Fifteenth SPE/DOE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium - Old Reservoirs New Tricks - A Global Perspective.


  • Hultmann, Lisbeth. (2003) Endogenous protelytic enzymes - Studies of their impact on fish muscle proteins and texture. 2003. ISBN 82-471-5666-0.