Background and activities

I am an assistant professor in Norwegian didactics, section for Norwegian, at the department of teacher education. I have a master's degree in Nordic literature from NTNU. My work is characterized by a passion for literature and for spreading knowledge about and enthusiasm for literature and reading to students and others. First and foremost I teach Norwegian to students who will work in primary and secondary school (years 1-10). In the spring semester of 2022 I am course coordinator for Norwegian 1 and 2 (5-10), in addition to teaching Norwegian 2 (1-7).

I have a favourite novel: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. If you are only going to read one book in your life, (though I hope you will read more), I recommend this one. Imagine that Shelley was just a teenager when she wrote this masterpiece! That is pretty amazing. Great questions are raised in this novel, such as: What does it mean to be human? What is a monster? What is a woman? What is a man? In a world where science makes everything possible, what kind of responsibility do we have? Do we need to curb our enthusiasm for new discoveries? What are the possible consequences of social exclusion?

I do not only read old books by dead ladies, I also read new publications by contemporary authors. The most recent book I have read is Stargate - en julefortelling, by Ingvild H. Rishøi. It is a beautiful and tender story with nods to several older texts that are known in our culture, such as Brødrene Løvehjerte, A christmas carol, Reisen til julestjernen, Emil i Lønneberget, Ronja Røverdatter and more. Rishøi is an author I have followed since she was a teenager and had a short story published in a collection published by Ungdomsbokklubben. She later made her debut with her own short story collection La stå, and it was so well received it was the first ever short story collection to be published by Bokklubben Nye bøker. She has since published several collections of short stories and children's books, but Stargate is her debut as a novelist, and I think she did well with this painful and tender story.

In addition to my own teaching, I am passionate about the development of teaching, and that may be the reason I have been given the responsibility to lead the Norwegian section's educational forum. We gather once a month to discuss pedagogical issues. Most recently we discussed student activity in digital teaching, so you understand that we work with highly relevant topics for our time.

I am also a co-creator of two podcasts, Litt.Snakk and Bøkene som skaper oss. Litt.Snakk is a podcast about literature and literature didactics and is produced here at NTNU by Per Esben Myren-Svelstad, Tatjana Kielland Samoilow and myself. We are well into our first season where the theme is critical reading. In each episode we invite a researcher and interview them. We also use episodes from the podcast actively in our teaching, so if you become a student here, you might find it on the syllabus. 

Bøkene som skaper oss (The books that make us) is a new project that I have with Susanne Fæhn (Trondheim public library). We are clear that this is first and foremost a podcast about our passion for literature. We meet once a month and record an episode about books that have shaped us as people and readers. In the first season we concentrate on classical children's books that shaped us and our relationship to literature whilst growing up. Although the concept is clear we allowed ourselves a false start with an episode about the aforementioned Stargate, but the first real episode that is true to the concept will air in January, and focus on Skyggen over steinbenken by Maria Gripe.    


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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