Background and activities

I am director of NTNU Health which is one of NTNU's strategic research areas.

NTNU Health activly supports research, innovation and communication within a broad specter of disciplines and facilitate interdisiplinary collaborations and activities relating to health research and innovation. The aim is to promote better health, quality of life and sustainable health services.

Previously I worked as manager of MR Core Facility where I facilitated and helped other scientists use MR as a research tool. I have also been leader of the national research infrastructure Norwegian Molecular Imaging Infrastructure (NORMOLIM) in Trondheim, which is also a node in Euro-BioImaging ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium).

As Associate professor in MR I have thaught MR in PhD- and Master programmes and as researcher I have worked with multidisiplinary preclinical translational research, mainly neonatal brain injury, but also brain development, Alzheimer's disease, cancer and use of nanoparticles, where use of MR-methods and other molecular imaging techniques have been in focus.


2003: Medical Doctor
2012: PhD in clinical medicine (NTNU) working with preclinical MR of neonatal brain injury.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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