Background and activities

I am trained as a Pharmacist M.Sc. in Pharmacy from the University of Copenhagen and received a Ph.D. in pharmacoepidemiology from University of Southern Denmark.

I am employed as an Associate Professor at the pharmacy education at The Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine at NTNU. I currently organise and teach two courses in clinical pharmacy and advanced pharmacotherapy.

I have a background as Clinical Pharmacist and as Hospital Pharmacy Manager before start of my academic career. Based on this experience, I was involved in developing a new pharmacy education at the University of Southern Denmark. This gave me many different experiences regarding of administration of education and teaching at the university. 

Before that, I taught at the university college in Nuuk, Greenland and had supervision of pharmacy students and pharmacy technicians. Following I was involved in post graduated coursed in hospital pharmacy when the profession was going through a transition from a production- to a clinical oriented profession.


My research spans the areas of drug use, clinical pharmacy, pharmacoepidemiology and clinical epidemiology. My methodological expertise is register-based research using clinical and national health registers. 


Selected ongoing research:

Does Disease Activity after induction Treatment with Anti–Tumor Necrosis Factor, Predict Short-Term Outcomes in Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis?

How does disease control versus maintenance treatment strategy affect the prognostic impact of disease activity and the tolerance of anti-tumor necrosis factors?

Infertility treatment in women with chronic disease reproductive outcomes in women with inflammatory bowel disease.


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