Background and activities

Personal history

Since 2003 Lindgren is Professor in Physics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Applied Optics group/Biophysics group). The current research at NTNU is focused on laser based spectroscopy, time-resolved optical spectroscopies and related spectroscopic imaging techniques. Development of spectroscopic and imaging techniques are applied in biomedical applications and to elucidate biophysical processes. Spectroscopy is used to understand biomolecular and hybrid organic-inorganic nanomaterial systems.

Fields of speciality

Optical spectroscopy; Nonlinear optics and laser based sensing; FLIM, Spectroscopic imaging; Optical Engineering; Molecular spectroscopic probes in life sciences; Optical Sensor Systems; Materials: hybrid organic-inorganic materials; triplet state characterization; Biophotonics: amyloid structures, protein foldning, molecular systems and photo-dynamic therapy...




Scientific, academic and artistic work

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