Background and activities

Is a Post-Doctoral research fellow at the department of Chemistry at NTNU and part of the Research group of marine chemistry and biogeochemistry.

With original background in biological oceanography, Nicolas Sanchez conducted master studies in environmental chemistry to then obtain a PhD degree titled “Biogeochemistry of iron in Patagonian fjords and waters of the Antarctic Peninsula”.  His main area of research is the bioavailability of the trace metal iron for primary producers in marine ecosystems, including coastal environments such as fjords and Polar Regions.  Currently he is involved in the Nansen Legacy project (, studying biogeochemical processes associated to iron and other trace elements in the Northern Barents Sea.

Marine Biology  degree (2001 - 2007)  from  UACh (Universidad Austral de Chile)  

Master  in Science  in Environmental Chemistry (NTNU) (2010-2012)        

PhD Chemistry Department  (NTNU) (2013-2017)

Current field of research: Trace elements, phytoplankton, marine biogeochemistry in High Latitude and Polar Regions

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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