Background and activities

I am looking at the connection between inflammatory processes, CFS/ME and depression to enhance the knowledge about these disorders.

Current employment:

PhD candidate, INM, NTNU

Recent employment:

Project coordinator at NKSL (National Competence Center for Complex Symptom Disorders), Department of Complex Symptom Disorders, St. Olav’s Hospital


Master of Science, Neuroscience, NTNU

Project title of PhD project: “Cytokines in relation to CFS/ME and other complex disorders, and their relation to depression”

Chronic Fatigue Syndrom (CFS/ME) is a condition of exhaustion, often in combination with pain, affecting a relatively large population group (1,5-2 % of the general population). Young people are also affected, bedridden and often dropping out of school. People affected are very often unable to attend to work. There is currently no known cure for CFS/ME.

There are some suggestions that the immune system of these patients are out of balance. This is something we wish to examine further by taking blood samples of affected patients. In addition immune changes are also shown in depressed patients.  By examining the relationship between these inflammatory-like conditions, one can better understand the underlying mechanisms behind CFS/ME, and help in the quest of hopefully finding a cure.

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