Background and activities

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Feedback performance under Only connect 2021:

Nancarrow Biotope:

Hadon Particle Synthesizer:

Crossadaptive processing

Sound installation Flyndre

Artistic Research doctoral project, PhD equivalent: “New creative possibilities through improvisational use of compositional techniques, - a new computer instrument for the performing musician”

Skarnsundbrua, sound work for the merger of Inderøy and Mosvik muncipalities:

Blomsterbrua (Flower bridge), Trondheim:

VLBI Music, for the Norwegian Mapping Authority.

T-EMP: Trondheim Electroacoustic Music Performance:

Øyvind Brandtsegg, music on Soundcloud:


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Artistic productions

  • Brandtsegg, Øyvind; Bjørkhaug, Petra. (2020) Pipe organ and Computer. Nancarrow Piano Studies, and Improvisations. Nancarrow Biotope
  • Brandtsegg, Øyvind. (2019) Nancarrows biotop. Nancarrows biotop
  • Brandtsegg, Øyvind; Bjørkhaug, Petra. (2019) Åpningskonsert - Orgelfest 2019. Nancarrow Studies, samt improvisasjoner
  • Brandtsegg, Øyvind; Åse, Amund Storløkken. (2019) Glassklart. Glassklart
  • Duch, Michael Francis; Welsh, Jeremy; Brandtsegg, Øyvind; Wells, Craig; Ham, Tijs. (2019) Sounds & Spaces. Sounds & Spaces
  • Engum, Trond; Brandtsegg, Øyvind; Xambó, Anna; Waadeland, Carl Haakon; Bergsland, Andreas. (2019) Trondheim EMP Repository processing. Trondheim EMP Repository processing