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  • Rossi, Marco; Viganò, Giacomo; Moneta, Diana; Vespucci, Maria teresa; Pisciella, Paolo. (2017) Fast estimation of equivalent capability for active distribution networks. 24th International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution : CIRED 2017 - Proceedings.


  • Damman, Sigrid; Sandberg, Eli; Rosenberg, Eva; Pisciella, Paolo; Johansen, Ulf. (2020) Largescale hydrogen production in Norway - possible transition pathways towards 2050. 2020. ISBN 978-82-14-06295-3. SINTEF Rapport (2020-00179).
  • Schäffer, Linn Emelie; Rosenberg, Eva; Pisciella, Paolo; Damman, Sigrid; Espegren, Kari Aamodt; Fodstad, Marte; Graabak, Ingeborg; Perez-Valdes, Gerardo Alfredo; Sandberg, Eli; Johansen, Ulf; Seljom, Pernille Merethe Sire; Tomasgard, Asgeir. (2020) Veikart for energi i Norge mot 2050. 2020. ISBN 978-82-14-06244-1. SINTEF Rapport (2019:01467).
  • Pisciella, Paolo. (2012) Methods for Evaluation of Business Models for Provision of Advanced Mobile Services under Uncertainty. 2012. ISBN 978-82-471-3965-3. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU (2012:322).