Background and activities

Peggy Fürtig is a Research Librarian at The University Library, Gunnerus Library at Kalvskinnet in Trondheim. 


I was awarded a Master of Arts (Magistra Artium) in Art History and Education from the Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, in 2008Consequently, I studied Library and Information Science at the Humboldt University of Berlin where I was awarded my Master of Arts in 2010. I began working at Gunnerus Library in September 2012.  

Work duties 

My work tasks are: 

  • Information desk operator 
  • Lending and inter library loan 
  • Coordinator of information desk duties 
  • Coordinator and contact person for the student workers 
  • Responsible for the websites of The Gunnerus Library 
  • Old book collection 

I am the contact person of the Library Section for History of Culture and Science for 

  • The Gunnerus Library’s website 
  • Shelf space system 

I also am the coordinator for all of the local student worker coordinators at the University Library. 

Additionally, I am the leader of the Norwegian special library association, Trondheim.