Background and activities

Hello, I am a coordinator for responsible research and innovation at the Centre for Digital Life Norway; I am based at NTNU's Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture. I earned my PhD in political science from the University of Lausanne in 2014, followed by postdoc appointments at Linköping University and Aarhus University. My academic expertise focuses on scientific governance, the role of expert advice in public policy, and participatory management of natural resources. I have worked in Switzerland, Mongolia, USA, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

In my PhD (supervised by Prof. Dietmar Braun) I investigated how expert advice is taken up by national policymakers in Switzerland. I then completed a one year postdoc on the governance of climate engineering at Linköping University's Institute for Thematic Studies on Environmental Change (PI Victoria Wibeck). This was followed by an appointment at the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University where I worked as  project manager for the Horizon2020-funded project SMART-map on responsible innovation in industry.

I am interested in how science shapes and contributes to the societal challenges of our time and how scientific practices are shaped in turn by societal values and expectations. My research has addressed the topics of greenhouse gas emission reduction, climate engineering, stem cell research,   fiscal policy, and natural resource management. For more information, visit my ResearchGate and LinkedIn profiles.