Background and activities

Position in the period 2004 - 2013: Head of department at Department of Eelectronics og Telecommunications (IET)

  • IET is the result of a merging of the Department of Telecommunications and the Department of Physical Electronics in January 2004. The department has six research groups: Acoustics-, Circuits and Systems-, Electronic Devices and Materials-, Electrooptics-, Radio Systems- and Signal processing group. The department is fully responsible for a five year Master program in Electronics, and partially responsible for a program in Communication Technology together with the Department of Telematics.
  • The department is lead by the Head of Department. Important decisions concerning economical, strategic or staff are discussed in the Department Leader Group. This group consists of the group leaders from each research group, the leaders of the technical and administrative staff, a member of the temporary staff and two students. The leader group meets regularly every two weeks. Twice each semester the leader group is expanded with four external members, constituting an advisory board for the Department.

Ragnar Hergum - Short resume 

  • Born in Oslo March 26th, 1950
  • Msc at NTH, Department of telecommunications i 1977. (PhD, Electrical Engineering), NTH in 1987. Thesis: "Digital Equalization of Audio Signals"
  • Research scientist at SINTEF DELAB 1983 - 1989.  Main project: "Speech coding".
  • Development Manager, Stentofon AS, Trondheim, Norway. 1989 - 1994. Main product: "Advanced Internal Communication Systems".
  • Associate professor, NTH/NTNU from 1995.
  • Head of department, Deparment of Elektronics and Telecommunications (IET) from 2004.
  • Teaching: "Signal processing and Communications", "Electric circuits" og "Digital Design and Basic Electrical Circuits".

Private Address

  • Væretrøa 125, 7054 Ranheim, Norway
  • Telefon: +47 73 57 21 30,  mobil: +47 920 87 172

Research Group

Work experience:

2004 - :              Head of Department, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

2003 - :              Associate professor, "Circuit theory", Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, NTNU

1997 - 2003 :    Department Manager, Department of Telecommunications, NTNU

1995 - 1996:     Associate professor, "Signal Processing / Communication / Electronics laboratory", NTH

1995 - 1997:     Part time lecturer, Sor-Trondelag University Collage, Trondheim: "Quality Management"

1993 - 1994:     Development Manager, Stentofon AS, Trondheim, Norway: "Advanced Internal Communication Systems"

1989 - 1992:     Head of HW/SW-division, Stentofon AS, Trondheim, Norway

1988 - 1989:     Research Scientist at ELAB-RUNIT, Trondheim, Norway: "New methods for speech coding"

1987 :               Norwegian Technical Science Research Council (NTNF) Scholarship: "Digital filtering"

1983 - 1986:     Research Scientist at ELAB-RUNIT, Trondheim, Project manager: "Development of speech Codec for the digital GSM mobile telephone system"

1981 - 1982:     Research fellow, The Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH), Department of Telecommunications: "Digital equalization of audio signals".


  • R. Hergum: "A Low Complexity, Linear Phase Graphic Equalizer", AES 85th Convention, Los Angeles, November 1988
  • R. Hergum: "Digital Equalization of Audio Signals", Dr. ing. Dissertation, Department of Telecommunications, NTH, April 1988
  • R. Hergum: "16 kbit/s Speech coder for the GSM-system, part II", ELAB rapport STF44 F87135, September 1987
  • A. Perkis, R. Hergum, T. Ramstad: "Digital Mobil Telephone - A Milestone in Communication", Elektro nr. 5, Mars 1987
  • R. Hergum, A. Perkis: "16 kbit/s Speech Coder for the GSM- system", ELAB rapport STF44 F86133, September 1986
  • R. Hergum, A. I. Aarskog, A. Hage: "Error Correction in Laboratory Model Subband Codec for use in Mobile Network",
    ELAB rapport STF 44 F86067, Mai 1986
  • R. Hergum, A. Aarskog: "A general Real-Time DSP Hardware Module; here applied in Mobile Telephone Speech Coder Implementation", IASTED Int. Symp., Paris, France, June 1985
  • R. Hergum, A. Aarskog: "Real-Time Implementation of a 16 kbit/s Speech Coder / Decoder Using Adaptive Sub-Band Coding together with Time Domain Harmonic Scaling", Nordic Seminar on Digital Land Mobile Radiocom., Espoo, Finland, February 1985
  • A. Aarskog, R. Hergum: "Realization of a Speech Codec for testing in a Digital Mobile Network, System- and Software description", ELAB rapport STF44 F84193, September 1984
  • R. Hergum, T. Ramstad, A.Aarskog: "Digital Methods for Speech Coding, testing of ADBK / TDHS in a Simulation Model for the Mobil Network", ELAB rapport STF44 F84103, January 1984
  • R. Hergum, J. Rugelbak, J. Svean, T. Svendsen, A. Aarskog: "Digital Methods for speech coding, part 6", ELAB rapport STF44 F83153, August 1983
  • R. Hergum: "A Digital Hardware for Filtering and Mixing of Audio Signals", AES 71st Convention, Montreux, March 1982
  • R. Hergum: "Digital Mixing of Audio signals", ELAB rapport STF44 A81202, October 1981

Research Stays Abroad

  • University of Wollongong (UoW), Australia, Februar - Mai 2002. At "Digital Media Centre" (DMC).
  • University of Wollongong (UoW), Australia, March - June 2011. At "ICT Research Institute".

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Holte, Nils; Aas, Einar Johan; Helvik, Bjarne Emil; Egeland, Olav; Hergum, Ragnar. (1998) Utdanningsbehov for og cand.scient. innen IKT; Telekommunikasjon, elektronikk og teknisk kybernetikk. 1998.