Background and activities

nationality and origin:            German and Swiss citizen, born in Essen, Germany

school education:                  in Essen, Germany

apprenticeship:                      laboratory assistant (todays company name Evonik), Essen

employment:                         laboratory assistant (Evonik), Institute for Emission Survey (Essen)

studies:                                chemistry studies at the Université de Fribourg, Switzerland,     

                                            completed with a PhD in organic synthesis and physical chemistry

                                            (deuterated compounds for Raman Optical Activity spectroscopy)  

post-doc:                               chemistry department NTNU Trondheim, specializing in carotenoids

employment:                         research scientist at a new started chemical company in Trondheim

                                            associate professor at the Chemistry Department with varied short term 

                                            contracts for nearly 5 years

                                            school teacher in chemistry, Steinerskolen Trondheim

                                            consultant and adviser at the former Faculty of Mathematics and

                                            Natural Science, setting up the International Section of the Faculty, 

                                            followed by working at the International Office NTNU, principally as

                                            credential evaluator for PhD-admission

                                            researcher: during all administrative employments affiliated to the

                                            Department of Chemistry as guest researcher, co-supervisor for

                                            numerous master students and PhD candidates.

                                            lastly back to full scientific activities at the Department of Chemistry,

                                            special adviser (part time) at the International Office NTNU

communication:                     German, French, English, Norwegian, Greek, Dutch

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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