Background and activities

PhD project title: Quantifying community resilience to natural hazards in Norway

Project aim:  To explore the resilience of Norwegian communities to natural hazards and the perception thereof using different quantitative methods

Brief outline:  As part of the research group “Climate change and natural hazards: the geography of community resilience in Norway (”, the PhD project seeks (1) to identify measurable resilience indicators that can be used to develop a community disaster resilience index for Norway; (2) to understand the perception of community resilience through the quantitative analysis of a national representative survey; and (3) to highlight potential differences between population groups and regions through the implementation and analysis of local surveys.

Keywords: community resilience, natural hazards, disaster management, resilience index

Supervisors: Päivi Lujala and Gunhild Setten

Time period: Feb 2015 – Feb 2018

Background: Before joining NTNU, I completed a research master’s (MRes) in International Development at the University of Bath and an MSc in Development Finance at the University of Reading.

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