Background and activities

 Integration of Electric Vehicles with Smart Grid

 The 21th century electric power grid will be heavily influenced by technology and ICT on all levels of operation: From physical component installation to automated renewable energy markets, which is now dubbed the Smart Grid. The possible emergence of revolutionary applications due to this new technology layer is very high, and one of the most applicable and important entities to utilize the Smart Grid are plug-in electrical vehicles (PEVs).

Smart grid control can is an example of “Coalition of Independent Agents”. Interaction between agents could be done either by supervised control or unsupervised one. In the context of smart grid, supervised and unsupervised control are respectively called centralized and decentralized control. Any implementation of artificial intelligence in the controller design could enhance the capability of the agents to decide smartly based on their individual experiences. In this project, we are going to model an energy-based competition for PEVs over charging their batteries with consideration of grid constrains an intermittent renewables.

Research Interests:

Multi-Period ACOPF

Core Optimization Problems

Power Market Theory


Research Assistant for: 

1. Power system Analysis TET 4115

2. Power Market Theory TET 4185


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