Background and activities

Ph.D. candidate in the project Digital Economy. Focusing on market design for integration of renewable energy.

Master's degree from Energi og miljø (NTNU) in 2017. Wrote master thesis about integration of electric vehicles and PV in distribution grids.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report


  • Bjarghov, Sigurd; Korpås, Magnus. (2017) Utilizing EV Batteries as a Flexible Resource at End-user Level. 2017.
  • Ottesen, Stig Ødegaard; Olivella, Pol; Lloret, Pau; Hentunen, Ari; Del Granado, Pedro Crespo; Bjarghov, Sigurd; Lakshmanan, Venkatachalam; Aghaei, Jamshid; Korpås, Magnus; Farahmand, Hossein. (2017) Simplified Battery operation and Control algorithm. 2017.