Background and activities


  • PhD degree at Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine (IKOM) since 2018. Title of thesis: An investigation of potential variables affecting the physiological adaptations to weight loss: weight loss rate, nature of energy restriction, and ketosis.
  • Master degree in Community Health, at Faculty of Medical Sciences of New University of Lisbon. Title of thesis: Methodology of assessment of nutritional intake and associated eating behaviors in a multidisciplinary obesity treatment program.
  • Degree in Dietetics, at School of Health Technology of Lisbon (ESTeSL). Thesis title: Study of complications in new-borns of mothers with pregestational type 2 diabetes.

Scientific areas:

Obesity, weight management, nutrition and appetite.

Research interests:

  • Understanding how the body responds, at the level of appetite and metabolism, to diet-induced weight loss, both in the short- and long-term, by using different nutritional interventions.
  • Identifying the determinants of obesity and the development of preventive strategies that can assure healthy weight maintenance.
  • Factors promoting healthy and sustainable eating practices.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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