Background and activities

Svein Gladsø is a professor emeritus at the Department of Art and Media Studies


- "Performing arts between dilettantism and professionalism. Music, theatre and dance in the Norwegian public sphere 1770–1850". The project was a study of the professionalization of theater, dance and music in Norway in the decades around 1800, funded ny the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) 2012-2016. One anthology from the project was published May 2020 by Routledge; another is under completion. The project was carried through together with Randi M. Selvik, Anne Margrethe Fiskvik and Annabella Skagen (all NTNU) and Ellen Gjervan and Elizabeth Svarstad.

- Partner (associated researcher) of the project "Artistic Exchanges. The Royal Danish Theatre and European Transnational Mobility" led by associate professor, PhD, Ulla Kallenbach, University of Bergen.

- Associated researcher of the project "Interdisciplinary and innovative research in historical performance practice" ved Centre for Historical Performance Practice Aarhus Universitet, led by associate professor, PhD, Annelis Kuhlmann.

- Annotated publication of a draft from ca. 1880 for a Trondheim history of music and theatre written by Johan Leberecht Hornemann (1846-1928).

- The earliest theatre buildings in Trondheim.

Research Interests

Theatre history, theatre historiography, the history of theatre studies, dramaturgy, theatre and cultural politics

Offices / Mission

- Head of the Board of the Association Nordic Theatre Scholars (2009-2011)
- Head of national council for drama and theater studies (2005-2007)
- External examiner for the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies, Section for Theatre Studies, University of Bergen (2006-2015)
- Academic Adviser, Head of Section, Deputy Head, and Head of Department at the Department of Art and Media Studies.
- Chairman of the HF-faculty study group for the five-year teacher education in the arts
- Vice Dean for eduation at Faculty of humanities, NTNU (2013-2017)
- Board member of The Norwegian Center for Folk Music and Dance 2016-2019

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


Part of book/report

  • Gladsø, Svein; Selvik, Randi Margrete. (2020) Performative arts between rules and realities: The adaptive history of genre. Performing Arts in Changing Societies: Opera, Dance, and Theatre in European and Nordic Countries around 1800.
  • Gladsø, Svein. (2015) Das Kind der Liebe - en fabel for opprørske piker eller angrende menn?. Lidenskap eller levebrød. Utøvende kunst i endring rundt 1800.
  • Gladsø, Svein; Gjervan, Ellen Karoline; Selvik, Randi Margrete. (2015) Leve av lidenskap - skape et levebrød. Lidenskap eller levebrød. Utøvende kunst i endring rundt 1800.
  • Gladsø, Svein. (2012) Kunstfagenes kilder: Status og utfordringer. Kunstfagenes kilder : Åpen fagkonferanse om status og utfordringer for arkiv og samlinger innen dans, teater og musikk i Norge og Skandianavia. 10.-11. november 2011, Arkivsenteret Dora, Trondheim. Rapport.
  • Gladsø, Svein. (2011) Dilettantismen på teatret - privat mani eller kulturell mulighet?. Mellom pasjon og profesjonalisme. Dilettantkulturer i skandinavisk kunst og vitenskap.