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  • Langås, Mari; Løfqvist, Sanna; Katt, Basel; Haugan, Thomas Sagvold; Jaatun, Martin Gilje. (2021) With a Little Help from Your Friends: Collaboration with Vendors During Smart Grid Incident Response Exercises. Proceedings of the 2021 European Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Conference (EICC).
  • Perera, Aravinda; Nilsen, Roy; Haugan, Thomas Sagvold; Ljøkelsøy, Kjell. (2021) A Design Method of an Embedded Real-Time Simulator for Electric Drives using Low-Cost System-on-Chip Platform. PCIM Europe digital days 2021; International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management.
  • Haugan, Thomas Sagvold; Tedeschi, Elisabetta. (2015) Active Power Filtering Under Non-Ideal Voltage Conditions Using the Conservative Power Theory. 2015 IEEE 13th Brazilian Power Electronics Conference and 1st Southern Power Electronics Conference - COBEP/SPEC.
  • Haugan, Thomas Sagvold; Tedeschi, Elisabetta. (2015) Reactive and harmonic compensation using the conservative power theory. Tenth International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies (EVER) 2015.