Background and activities


  • Autumn 2017: FY2045 Quantum Mechanics I
  • Autumn 2016: TFY4305 - Non-linear Dynamics
  • Spring 2016: TFY4235/FY8904 Computational Physics
  • Autumn 2015: FY2045 Quantum Mechanics I
  • Spring 2011: FY0001 Service Course in Physics
  • Spring 2010: FY0001 Service Course in Physics
  • Spring 2009: FY0001 Service Course in Physics


  • Light scattering from rough surfaces
  • Numerical simulations of transport in the ocean

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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  • Tveit, Mari Røstvig; Khalifeh, Mahmoud; Nordam, Tor; Saasen, Arild. (2019) Fate of Hydrocarbon Leaks From Plugged and Abandoned Wells Compared to Natural Seepages. ASME 2019 38th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE2019): Volume 8: Polar and Arctic Sciences and Technology; Petroleum Technology.
  • Nordam, Tor; Litzler, Emma; Rønningen, Petter; Aune, Joakim; Hagelien, Thomas Fjæstad; Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne; Brönner, Ute. (2018) Oil Spill Contingency and Response Modelling in Ice-Covered Waters. Proceedings of the Forty-first AMOP Technical Seminar, Environment and Climate Change Canada Ottawa, ON, Canada.
  • Nordam, Tor; Brönner, Ute; Skancke, Jørgen; Nepstad, Raymond; Rønningen, Petter; Alver, Morten. (2017) Numerical Integration and Interpolation in Marine Pollutant Transport Modelling. AMOP Technical Seminar on Environmental Contamination and Response - 2008 - 2017.