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  • Furnes, Marianne Waldum; Stenstrøm, Bjørn; Tømmerås, Karin; Skoglund, Trine; Dickson, SL; Kulseng, Bård Eirik; Zhao, Chun-Mei; Chen, Duan. (2008) Feeding behaviour in rats subjected to gastrectomy or gastric bypass surgery. European Surgical Research. vol. 40 (3).
  • Brurok, Heidi; Skoglund, Trine; Berg, Kirsti; Skarra, Sissel; Karlsson, Jan; Jynge, Per. (1999) Myocardial Manganese Elevation and Proton Relaxivity Enhancement with Manganese Dipyridoxyl Diphosphate. Ex Vivo Assessments in Normally Perfused and Ischemic Guinea Pig Hearts. MNR in Biomedicine.