Background and activities


Started as a scientific assistent at NTNU Center for Elite Sports Research (SenTIF) in April 2015, with Nordic combined as field of study. The research will be carried out in cooperation with The Norwegian Olympic Sports Center (OLT) and the norwegian national ski federation (NSF), where I also have a part-time position involving follow-up ans testing of the Nordic combined national squad. The main goal of the project is to acquire better scientific insight to the specificity of Nordic combined. 


  • Masters degree in Human Movement Science, NTNU
  • Lecturer at department of Human Movement Science, NTNU
  • Test leader at Trondheim Idrettsklinikk
  • Scientific assistent at NTNU


  • Scientific assistent at NTNU SenTIF
  • Scientific assistent at NSF
  • Consultant physiology at OLT

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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