Background and activities

My interests are in the use of systems biological approaches in order to explore and understand biological phenomena. More specifically, I am interested in metabolic modelling and its applications. I am currently working as a PhD candidate in biotechonology under the supervision of professor Eivind Almaas at the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science. I predominantly work on constraint-based metabolic models, both in their reconstruction as well as method development.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Simensen, Vetle; Almaas, Eivind. (2019) Reconstruction of a genome-scale metabolic model for the analysis of the oleaginous phenotype of Aurantiochytrium sp. T66. NORBIS annual conference . NORBIS; Oscarsborg Festning. 2019-09-30 - 2019-10-02.
  • Simensen, Vetle; Voigt, Andre; Almaas, Eivind. (2019) Genome-scale modeling of Auranthochytrium sp. T66 for increased fatty acid production. Digital Life 2019 . Digital Life Norway; Tromsø. 2019-09-05 - 2019-09-05.