Background and activities

Medical studies, NTNU, 2012 - 2019
Medical Student's Research Programme (MSRP), NTNU, 2014 - 2018, Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine (IKOM), Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Research project

The research aims to look for relations between tumor biological findings in surgically excised glioblastoma tissue and preoperative growth rate estimated from volumetric MRI measurements. Glioblastomas are the most common and aggressive of the primary malignant brain tumors in adults. 

Main supervisor: M.D., PhD, Sverre H. Torp, Professor of Pathology (NTNU)
Co-supervisor: M.D., PhD, Ole Solheim, Professor of Neurosurgery (NTNU)
Co-supervisor: M.D., PhD, Ivar Skjåk Nordrum, Professor of Forensic Medicine and Programme Leader for Medical Curriculum (NTNU)