Background and activities

Weizhi Wang has the educational background of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering in CTH Sweden and HEU China. He is currently a PhD candidate in NTNU working with the numerical modeling of large-scale wave propagation in the Norwegian coast and fjords. He performs numerical investigation of the wave conditions for the E39 coastal highway ferry-free fjord-crossing project. He is one of the developers for the open-source wave model REEF3D. He co-develops different wave models and trives on the coupling among the models, for example, CFD, shallow water model and potential flow model. The goal is to develop a fast and accurate integrated model for large-scale wave phenomena in near the complex Norwegian coastal area. His research interests include:

  • CFD
  • Wave modelling
  • Coastal engineering
  • Ocean space and climate
  • Oceanic renewable energy

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Part of book/report

  • Wang, Weizhi; Bihs, Hans; Kamath, Arun; Arntsen, Øivind Asgeir. (2019) Multi-directional Irregular Wave Modelling with CFD. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference in Ocean Engineering (ICOE2018).
  • Wang, Weizhi; Kamath, Arun; Bihs, Hans. (2018) CFD Simulations of Multi-Directional Irregular Wave Interaction With a Large Cylinder. ASME 2018 37th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering - Volume 2: CFD and FSI.
  • Wang, Weizhi; Bihs, Hans; Kamath, Arun; Arntsen, Øivind Asgeir. (2017) Large Scale CFD Modelling of Wave Propagation into Mehamn Harbour. MARINE 2017 Computational Methods in Marine Engineering VII.
  • Wang, Weizhi; Bihs, Hans; Kamath, Arun; Arntsen, Øivind Asgeir. (2017) Large scale cfd modelling of wave propagation in Sulafjord for the E39 project. MekIT’17 - Ninth national conference on Computational Mechanics.