Background and activities


  • B.Sc. (1981), Geological Engineering, Central South University of Technology (CSUT), China.
  • M.Sc. (1985), Geological Engineering, CSUT, China. Thesis title: Rock abrasiveness and classification in impregnated diamond drilling.
  • Ph.D. (1996) Dept. of Civil and Mining Engineering, Luleå University of Technology (LUT), Sweden. Thesis title: Modelling of drill string buckling and rock fractures in rock drilling and indentation. Doctoral thesis 1996:197D.


  • May 2014 – present:  Seniorengineer at the Institutt for nevromedisin og bevegelsesvitenskap (INB), MH, NTNU
  • Sept. 2007 – May 2014: Overengineer at the Institutt for bevegelsesvitenskap, SVT, NTNU
  • Mar. 2007 – July 2007: Researcher at the Institutt for geologi og bergteknikk (IGB), NTNU 
  • Aug. 1999 – Dec. 2006: Research engineer at Dept. of Wireless Access Network, Ericsson research, Ericsson AB, Sweden.
  • Aug. 1998 – June 1999:       Engineer at Nåiden Teknik AB, Sweden.
  • Sept. 1996 – Apr. 1997:    Researcher at Div. of Mining Eng., Luleå Univ. of Tech., Sweden.
  • Nov. 1984 – Sept. 1989: Lecture, Dept. of Geological Eng., Central South Univ. of Tech.,China

Competence and skills

  • Administration and coordination of activities at human movement laboratories of NeXTMove core facility/INB
  • Maintenance and operation of Movement/Exercise equipment and instrument (Forceplate, treadmills, Biodex system, Motion capture system, EMG system, respirometry apparatus, biomechanical sensors)
  • Improvement and integration/adaptation of multi systems
  • Design and order for mechanical and electronic solutions for customised requirement
  • Support on teaching and research activities at the Movement/Exercise laboratories
  • Instruction students in usage of the equipment
  • Cooperation and supervision on international internship/visiting students on tasks related to technical performance and improvement on the equipment
  • Following up and updating in Matlab for data processing, visualisation, presentation etc.
  • Processing and analysis of physical activity data from body worn sensors
  • Collection, processing of motion data and kinematics analysis (QTM, V3D)
  • Processing and analysis of forceplate data for human balance and sport activity
  • Processing and analysing video and image data of clinical observations and sport activity

Hobby and interests

  • Body-minded physical activities
  • Touring in nature (skiing, hiking)

Key words:

Human movement measurement; Machinery and electronics; Sensor technology; Programming; Data processing; Clinical data analysis; Sport data analysis

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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