Centre for Engaged Education through Entrepreneurship

ENgage will develop education for students from all disciplines and professions who will constantly challenge accepted truths and innovate for the better, in both private and public sectors.

ENgage is a consortium consisting of the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, Nord University Business School, NTNU Experts in Teamwork, TrollLABS and Spark NTNU. These excellent educational programs are each characterized by learning in which students develop projects in the real world and reflect upon their processes. Students in these programs commit to engaging in their learning, taking responsibility for their own learning, and sharing knowledge within a learning community of fellow students, previous students and faculty. ENgage will combine, develop and disseminate action-based learning, student-to-student learning, collaborative skills, rapid prototyping and student engagement. We will provide train-the-trainer courses and activities for students in all disciplines in order to increase the number of students in higher education with entrepreneurial skills.

More information about the projects at ENgage is available at: www.engage-centre.no

Get involved

Are you interested in learning more about the Engage partnership, or entrepreneurship in general? Depending on what you are looking for, one of our partners may be able to help you:

  • NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE) is a two-year master degree program offered by the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU, with a focus on business development and technology-based entrepreneurship.
  • Spark* is a free mentorship program for students at NTNU who are interested in starting a company.
  • Nord University provides courses and specializations in entrepreneurship at the Bachelor, MBA, MSc, and PhD levels.
  • Troll Labs is an experimental living lab/workshop which provides three courses with more than 200 students in the area of design thinking and product development, often using experimental project-based teaching. 
  • Eksperter i Team is a compulsory course at NTNU in which students apply their academic competence in interdisciplinary project work to learn collaborative skills that can be transferred to the work place.




What is an SFU initiative?

A Centre for Excellence in Higher Education (SFU) is a Norwegian national centre granted by NOKUT.

The SFU initiative represents a focused and long-term effort in order to stimulate the development of education and innovative approaches in higher education at the bachelor and master levels.

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The Centre for Engaged Education through Entrepreneurship, as its name suggests, is about engaging students to think, prototype and collaborate about bringing ideas to life. Whether for realizing a clever invention, creating a startup company or simply in accomplishing everyday tasks, Engage was founded on the principle of bestowing students with a creative and curious entrepreneurial mindset for their future careers.


At the very essence of innovative activities is the notion of trying new things in order to understand why they will not work. Learning by doing and learning from the mistakes of others is a core principle of Engage's philosophy and an integral part of every activity at the centre.


"The only difference between science and screwing around, is writing things down" - Adam Savage

In order to maximize the probability of good outcomes in the future, Engage puts an emphasis on documenting what has already been done. This extraction, retention and transfer of knowledge across both disciplines and generations, is one of the most paramount and influential activities at the centre.