Upcoming meetings

Upcoming meetings

10th European Combustion Meeting

The 10th European Combustion Meeting (ECM 2021) will take place in April 2021 in Naples, Italy

The main objective of ECM 2021 is to bring together the researchers, scientists, engineers and students to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results about all aspects of combustion science and technology. ECM 2021 provides the opportunity for academic and industrial combustion experts to submit contributions on all aspects of combustion, particularly those related to the following topics:

  • ​Fundamental physical and chemical aspects of traditional and novel fuel sources;
  • Reaction kinetics of combustion;
  • Laminar and turbulent flames;
  • Combustion emissions, pollutants, soot and particulates;
  • Droplet and spray combustion;
  • IC engine and gas turbine combustion;
  • Solid fuels combustion;
  • Waste combustion;
  • Oxyfuel combustion,
  • Stationary combustion systems and environmental impact;
  • Detonations, fires and explosions;
  • Combustion diagnostics;
  • New concepts in combustion technology.