The Girl Project Ada

The Girl Project Ada works to recruit more girls to the ICT studies and prevent dropouts

Ada offers a career network that provides exciting opportunities when students graduate.

We would like to see more girls with master’s degrees in Mathematics, Informatics, Cybernetics and Robotics, Electronic System Design and Innovation, Computer Technology and Communication Technology.

That is why we have a project specially for girls.

"What is the Girl Project Ada"

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For girls at school

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The Technology Camp*

From 1 to 3 November, we invite 150 girls to a three-day visit to NTNU to learn more about the ICT programmes of study. The days are filled with workshops, lectures and social events.
See video from the Technology Camp 2013

The Girl's Day*
From 4 to 5 February, NTNU invites 250 girls to Girl's Day. On Girls’s Day, you can meet people from all the programmes of study in technology and science at NTNU (except for architecture and medicine).

See photos from the Girl's Day 2015

Welcome Day*
See photos from Welcome Day 2014

* Pages in Norwegian

See video from ICT girls at NTNU on why you should consider ICT at NTNU

Career Networks

Photo: Lunsh at Silicon Labs

Career Networks enable cooperation with a number of companies and are intended to promote networking between female students and the relevant partner companies in the business community. The Girl Project Ada runs two different career networks; one for electronics and cybernetics and another for the IT students. Each network has 4 annual gatherings.

Read more about the Career Networks


Photo: At Rockheim

In the Girl Project Ada you can participate in social and professional events: Everything from career networking evenings to mountain hikes and CodeHub. CodeHub is a social meet-up for female IT students who wish to learn more about IT and programming.

Cybele and Kammerset are rooms reserved for female ICT students.
There is also a women’s football team called Datakameratene, but as an NTNU student you also have the opportunity for membership of Norway’s largest sports club, NTNUI.

Previous and future events

Study environment

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The Girl Project Ada recruits students to and work to prevent drop-outs for the following programmes of study: 

Computer Science
Communication Technology
Cybernetics and Robotics
Electronic System Design and Innovation


Partners in the business community

International cooperation