Join our Labs

– Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering

Bachelor and master students at NTNU are encouraged to join our lab activities. The easiest way to start is to browse this portal and read more about each lab, which activities it does, which companies are partners. Lab activities are usually connected to applied research, that is, development of new ship and product design methods and technologies that can benefit the Norwegian industry. The labs have going-on activities during the whole year, so if you get interested in any of them, just contact the professor responsible and see what is available.

Usually students opportunities at the lab are:

  • Research work volunteer
  • Paid Teaching Assitance
  • Paid internship and summer jobs (when available)
  • Participation in national/international conferences and workshops
  • Industry cooperation
  • Credits (studiepoeng) for master students

Currently available paid positions are:

For more information contact:
Ship Design lab:  Karl Henning Halse, (karl.h.halse@ntnu.no) or Henrique Gaspar (henrique.gaspar@ntnu.no) 
Machinery lab: Vilmar Æsøy (vilmar.aesoy@ntnu.no)
Mechatronics lab: Houxiang Zhang (hozh@ntnu.no)