– 14th International Meeting on Thermodiffusion



The topics of the conference will follow the traditional pattern of

  • Theoretical, experimental, and numerical methods to investigate thermodiffusion in binary, ternary and multicomponent mixtures

  • Non equilibrium thermodynamics of fluids under thermal stress

  • Non-equilibrium fluctuations in thermally inhomogeneous fluids

  • Macromolecular solutions, airborne particles, colloidal suspensions, and biological fluids: the thermophoresis case

  • Thermodiffusion in porous media and enhanced oil recovery

  • Soret-driven hydrodynamic instabilities and convective patterns

  • Thermodiffusion effects in crystal growth and polymer processing

  • Thermodiffusion in microgravity

  • Thermodiffusion in biological transport

  • Applications of thermal diffusion

The meeting will have seven sessions with oral pesentations plus two poster sessions. All relevant topics in thermodiffusion will be covered. The local commitee will organize the presentations and posters based on the abstracts.


Confirmed invited speakers:


Giovanni Ciccotti

Daan Frenkel

Francois Montel

Roberto Piazza

Valentina Shevtsova

Simone Wiegand