International Action Plan 2018-2021

International Action Plan 2018-2021

NTNU’s vision is Knowledge for a better world. The university puts this vision into practice by actively contributing to develop the knowledge and expertise the global community needs. To do this, the university must
have a strong and clear international orientation and place all its activities in an international context.

NTNU’s International Action Plan explains how NTNU will implement its vision and strategy internationally, by detailing specific ambitions and priorities.

For education and the learning environment, internationalization will contribute to the education of outstanding graduates, boost the quality of education and develop an excellent learning environment. For research, international collaboration will be a tool to develop talented researchers and excellent research environments, to improve the overall quality of research, within and across disciplines. For artistic activities, international collaboration will help build outstanding artistic communities and strengthen both artistic development and the interaction of the arts with technology, science and society.

For innovation, internationalization will support collaboration with established businesses and the public sector, and will help to create new industry and commerce.

In dissemination and outreach, international communication and research dissemination will increase awareness of NTNU and help to profile NTNU as an attractive collaborative partner.

One of the strategy’s overarching goals is for all NTNU’s departments to have academic groups that are at a ocumented international level in at least one of their core areas. In addition, NTNU is committed to focusing efforts and resources on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
International collaboration is a means of achieving these goals.

The strategy contains four priority goals for development:

  • take better advantage of the EU’s funding for research, innovation and education to ensure high quality and relevance in our activities.
  • establish strategic partnerships with selected institutions worldwide.
  • strengthen international recruitment of outstanding researchers and increase the international mobility of our employees.
  • increase the proportion of degree students who spend a study period at an educational institution abroad.

The aim of the International Action Plan 2018–2021 is for NTNU to significantly strengthen its international participation in and contribution to knowledge development. The action plan emphasizes the need for a clearer international orientation in all academic groups, encourages international research careers for academic staff and the facilitation of international educational pathways for students.

The motivation behind this Action Plan is the understanding that international collaboration contributes to the quality of our academic activities and increases scientific and social impact. Another reason, is that we need to work across national borders to tackle the global challenges facing our planet and develop research-based solutions.

Through international collaboration, NTNU and its partners in Europe and the rest of the world help push the boundaries of knowledge. This is also important for Norwegian competitiveness, adaptability and resilience. Through collaboration, public- and private-sector actors will have access to the best knowledge that is available internationally.

The implementation of the International Action Plan 2018–2021 requires all NTNU’s departments to increase their awareness and develop a culture of internationalization. The knowledge system is global, and so is the competition for resources. NTNU must therefore have departments and academic groups with a clear international profile that can make their mark in global competition.

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