Sustainable and reliable energy

Sustainable and reliable energy


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Strategic Research Areas

Strategic Research Areas

  • The role of energy in society

  • Energy sources and energy conversion

  • Infrastructure for energy

  • Energy efficiency

Sustainable and reliable energy text

Sustainable and reliable energy

Sustainable implies that environmental and climate impacts are understood and handled along the entire energy chain.

Sustainable also implies that energy use contributes to sustainable development of society, that is, contributes to fundamental human needs such as food, health, housing, clothes, security, work, recreation and communication. This must be seen from the perspective of a world population of 7.5 billion at present, which is likely to increase to 9 billion in 2040 and 10 billion in 2060.

Reliable energy involves delivery reliability: energy must reach the end user at the right time and in the right quantity. Reliable also involves the balance between consumption, production and capacity of storage of Faculty of Engineering Part A Research strategy 2018 – 2022 Page 28 of 52 energy. At the same time, the risk of accidents must be reduced and the extent of any accidents must be limited.

NTNU has a national responsibility for research and education in the energy sector, by virtue of its size, good laboratories, good students, close cooperation with and trust in business and the public sector, strong cooperation with SINTEF, and a staff of experts who are outstanding in their fields.

NTNU IV’s contribution to the societal goals, based on Section 1-3 of the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges, is research that results in new knowledge, which in turn provides a foundation for:

  • Relevant and top-level international education of bachelor’s, master’s and PhD candidates 
  • New technological solutions and a transformation of the way energy is used, to deal with the great challenges related to anthropogenic climate change
  • Increased value creation in the business sector based on national energy resources
  • Development of internationally competitive business and industry
  • Dissemination and outreach in various forums, both nationally and internationally
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation with partners, both nationally and internationally