Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

Our mission

Energy is essential for life on earth. People are dependent on energy to secure essential human needs such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, health, recreation, in fact everything that is critical in order to live a good life.

The way that energy services are provided today causes an immense burden on the environment and climate on earth.

In the course of this century greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced to a minimum. In the same period, several billion new dinner guests will arrive at the global dinner table. To secure sufficient amounts of clean energy, so that all people in the future may have the opportunity to live good lives in a peaceful world where wealth is evenly distributed, is by far the biggest challenge facing humanity today.

There is a huge demand for new knowledge, new technology and new innovations to find solutions to meet the global challenge, which will have to involve all people around the world.

Both SJTU and NTNU have developed substantial activities in the energy area  with internationally recognized research groups in strategically important science areas and thus in a good position to contribute in the global innovation process.

By teaming up in this goal oriented Joint Research Center on "Sustainable energy", SJTU and NTNU may, together with our research and industrial partners, be in a considerable better position to contribute to bringing forward new solutions in key technology areas that will be important to the future. Above all SJTU and NTNU may contribute to the building of important parts of the science and technological foundation needed in a future "Zero Carbon Society".

 Our Common Mission is as following:

"Sufficient and clean energy for a sustainable and peaceful society."