Industrial Partner Statements


Industrial Partner Statements

– What do industrial partners say about the collaboration with LanPercept researchers?

Jon Ward, Director, Acuity ETS Ltd., United Kingdom:

"At Acuity we feel the benefits of being involved with the LanPercept networks are many and varied. By sharing knowledge and resources across a number of commercial and academic partners, from different countries, we feel that we will get a much broader picture of the uses for our technology, how we can integrate with other partners and develop closer partnerships with academia across Europe. We are hoping that the shared knowledge generated will help influence future projects and research, and of course having input from a wide range of sources and experiences can only benefit us as a business and in turn our current and future customers. We are both proud and excited to be part of the network."

Tommy Strandvall, Global Head of Knowledge and Training at Tobii Technology, Sweden:

"This is a great opportunity for us as a full partner of LanPercept to collaborate closely with eight outstanding European universities. By engaging an experienced researcher for 24 months we aspire to make new knowledge and eye tracking solutions available to the research community."

Birgit Trogisch, Research Cooperation Manager at Brain Products GmbH, Germany:

"We all know how important nurturing the scientific education of our young academics is for the future. Because Brain Products is an innovative company which is constantly seeking solutions in the field of neurophysiological research, we understand the importance of highly-qualified staff. We therefore agreed to support the Initial Training Network "Language and Perception". This project will kick off on 1 January 2013 and will have a total duration of 48 months offering a training programme that is geared to providing a group of young researchers with professional and complementary skills that match their needs.

We believe that this network represents a very worthwhile initiative not only enhancing the job opportunities of the young scientists but also improving the recruitment situation for research-oriented companies in Europe. That's why we will enthusiastically take part in it - with the objective of contributing both to the scientific careers of young European graduates as well as to a wider mutual scientific understanding in the field of language and perception research."

Martin Pötter, Product Manager at SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH, Germany:

"We at SMI are looking forward to the collaboration with senior specialists as well as future professionals in the area of language and perception to better understand the needs and develop the next generation of research tools for this community."

Dubravko Kicic, Product Manager at Elekta Oy, Finland:

"Elekta Oy is vendor of magnetoencephalographic (MEG) systems devoted to long-term development of magnetic source imaging (MSI) technology for clinical applications. It is now accepted by both scientific and clinical communities that MSI provides clinicians with accurate and critical information about location and temporal course of important cerebral sources such as epileptic foci, sensory motor cortex or language cortex.

However, critical and often limiting factor in neurosurgical planning is functional localization of the eloquent cortex that may not be adequately provided by traditional diagnostic investigations, including EEG, video-EEG monitoring, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET), or even by invasive methods such as WADA test.

By participating in ITN LanPercept project in liaison with Aston University, Elekta is looking forward working with young professionals on developing new methods in MSI-based language mapping. Our experts will support developing toolkits for collecting and analyzing data of language processing and perception, as we are ultimately interested in development of novel standardized protocols for non-invasive and reliable pre-surgical mapping of hemispheric language dominance."