Emissions and energy recovery

Emissions and energy recovery

– Research Domain 4

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Implementation of new and innovative solutions for energy recovery and reduced emissions require fundamental knowledge of process emission formation and of the dust and fume properties.

To reduce gaseous and dust emissions, in-situ and on-line measuring methods will be used or developed to understand the effect of operational strategies and process variations beyond state of the art. Present industrial practice varies and this is reflected in some of the selected research activities. The impact of the method developments is expected to reach much wider than each task may suggest.


  • Develop fundamental understanding of the mechanisms which hinder enhanced energy recovery.
  • Improve application of advanced measurement equipment for an improved knowledge base of the relation emission formation, emission discharge and emission avoidance.
  • Implement (trace) emission monitoring as an efficient contribution to process control.


Students at RD4


Post Doctorial

Heiko Gaertner. PhotoHeiko Gaertner

PAH Standardization

Jan 2016 - Jan 2018



PhD Candidates

Daniel Clos. PhotoDaniel Clos

Scaling in Al Off-Gas Channels/Heat Exchangers

Sept 16 - May 21



Håkon Olsen. Photo Håkon Olsen

Dust Formation and Clustering

Aug 2016 - May 2021



Kamilla Arnesen. Photo Kamilla Arnesen

Hydrocarbon Emission from the Metallurgical Industry




RD4 Leader

RD4 Leader


Gabrilla Tranell. Photo

Gabriella Tranell

Professor, NTNU

E-mail: gabriella.tranell@ntnu.no

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