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Get involved

MultiPACK welcomes the active participation of anyone interested in driving the introduction of more environment-friendly heating and cooling systems into large commercial buildings. Contact us if you want to know more.


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Demonstration sites

If you own a hotel, gym, spa or other similar large, high energy-demanding building in Southern Europe and the energy systems are out of date with a high environmental impact, then you are a potential candidate in the MultiPACK demonstration sites selection process. 

Benefits for participants

The advanced energy efficient MultiPACK package will be installed at no additional cost (the baseline system has to be purchased, additional funding for project design consultancy is available), tuned to meet the needs of the specific site, and continuously monitored. You will experience first-hand the advantages of the system, as it allows to save more than 25% of the energy and money with respect to current technologies.


Pen and paper imagePublications

Relevant research and measurement results will be published in internationals journals and presented at conferences. If you think you can contribute to our publications, or would like to include our experiences into your own publications, contact us and you will certainly receive our attention.


Training imageTraining events

The skills and competence required for running and maintaining the MultiPACK packages will be given at specific training sessions organised by some of the project partners. You can join an already planned session, or ask for a new one.



meeting room imageMeet us

MultiPACK will be present at several public events in Europe in the fields of heat pumping, energy efficiency, CO2 technologies and similar. They are great opportunities for us to meet stakeholders and publicize our project, so that we can reach more people and possibly build a network with whomever shares our interests. For a list of events we plan to attend, see the Events section.