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All publicly available material can be downloaded from this page. Click on the associate thumbnail to download the file.

We will soon upload new reports which are listed below:

Data management plan

Project website at operational level

MPCC at operational level

Technical report on demonstrated HVAC & DHW packs

Technical report on verified supermarket packs

Technical report on verified multi-ejector blocks



Flyers, brochures, leaflets

Flyers, brochures, leaflets


Leaflet supermarket in Lisbon, Portugal (Oct 2018)   

Leaflet supermarket Lisbon                 







Leaflet supermarket in Rome, Italy (Oct 2018)   


                                                                                         Leaflet supermarket Rome                                                                    






Leaflet The MultiPACK Project’s publicly available educational materials, data, and publications






Flyer #1 (obsolete, Dec 2016) 





 Flyer #2 (Sep 2017)




Flyer #3 (Sep 2021)





E-newsletter #1 (Dec 2016)                     

E-newsletter thumbnail






E-newsletter #2 (Jun 2017)     

E-newsletter #2              





E-newsletter #3 (Dec 2017) 

E-newsletter 3                                  



E-newsletter #4 (Nov 2018) 

E-newsletter 4






E-newsletter #5 (March 2019)






E-newsletter #6 (September 2021)  


Other material

Other material

sheccoBase webinar: zero net energy supermarkets: towards a sustainable future (Feb 2019)

Shecco webinar front slide    The full webinar can also be replayed on Youtube.