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MultiPACK is funded by the European Union, under the Horizon 2020 Innovation Framework Programme, project number 723137.

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The project consortium consists of 7 partners across Europe: one is a technical university (NTNU), serving as the coordinator of the project; two are national, independent research institutes (SINTEF, CNR); two are private companies developing and distributing the technology necessary to run MultiPACK (DANFOSS, ENEX); one is a private company expert in the construction, installation and maintenance of refrigerating units (RACE); one is a multinational corporation owning large buildings in Southern Europe (SONAE).


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NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology

NTNU has a long experience in R&D projects and has been working in a large number of EU funded projects. NTNU has established a dedicated EU project support team to back up the scientific staff for the professional coordination of H2020 projects. NTNU is the largest university within engineering in Norway with its 39,000 students. The Department of Energy and Process Engineering has a staff of 165 persons, including 32 professors and 85 PhD students. More than 100 master students participate every year in the activity of the department. The annual turnover in external funded projects is 10 millions €. The department offers a specialization within refrigeration and heat pumping systems. There has been an increased activity within the field of energy efficiency in the industry, especially for the development of integrated supermarket systems and heat pump systems exploiting surplus heat from the industry.

The MultiPACK team from NTNU will have an active role to undertake the main project management function. NTNU will host the two post‐doc candidates supporting the activities related to the installation and monitoring of the supermarket and HVAC systems. NTNU will lead the dissemination, exploitation and communication efforts and take an active and supportive role in relevant tasks of the other work groups. The EU project support team from NTNU will assist the coordinator with all financial reporting; they will also help out with any other administrative tasks during the project, such as coordination of meetings, arrangement of workshops and any other relevant issues that should appear throughout the lifetime of the project. The support team consists of financial advisors, research advisors and legal advisors.

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Enex Srl. was founded in 2004. It is specialized in the design and manufacturing of refrigeration systems and high‐efficiency heat pumps using natural refrigerants. As a pioneer, Enex has gained a remarkable experience in applications with CO2 as a refrigerant. More than 500 trans‐critical systems have been installed by mid‐2014 and the trend is growing. All design solutions developed by Enex are recognized for their quality, reliability and efficiency.

Airheat/Geoheat heat pumps have been designed for sanitary water heating in hotels, gyms, hospitals and similar structures. They are designed for hot water storage up to 90°C. An exclusive control algorithm optimizes their operation in all conditions, ensuring maximum efficiency as well as full control of the unit since 2009.

Starting in 2012, Enex found the appropriate technology needed to make CO2 more efficient than HFCs in heat pumps/chillers for space heating and cooling in the combination of ejectors for energy recovery and auxiliary compressor. Thanks to the experience gained by Enex, about 25 refrigeration systems using ejectors for energy recovery are installed and in operation today; all of them are currently monitored. Enex dedicates plenty of resources to Research and Development. As a matter of fact, it has registered several patent applications and it has established an intense network of relationships with European Universities and Research Institutes which led to significant innovations.

Enex technical department is composed by 5 master engineers and 2 designers. Enex currently employs 12 workers; its structure is completed by 1 marketing assistant, 1 logistic employee and 2 administrative employees.


Danfoss AS

Danfoss A/S is an industrial company producing engineering technologies that enable the world of tomorrow to do more with less. Danfoss meets the growing need for infrastructure, food supply, energy efficiency and climate‐friendly solutions. The company has 63 factories in 19 countries, 24100 employees globally and sells its products in more than 100 countries. Danfoss is a leading company in the refrigeration industry and has developed the multi‐ejector solution in collaboration with SINTEF. Currently there are five prototypes of multi‐ejectors running in various supermarkets Europe and one in South Africa.



SINTEF Energy Research (SINTEF ER) is an independent general‐purpose research institute involved in research, development, dissemination and information concerning energy. SINTEF ER has a leading national position as an R&D provider in energy efficiency, energy processes, refrigeration and heat pumping technologies, gas technology, thermo‐ and fluid dynamics, combustion and thermo‐chemical conversion processes (gasification and combustion). Through the years, SINTEF ER has been involved in and led several large national and international research projects. SINTEF coordinated and hosted KMB CREATIV, the largest national project on industrial energy efficiency. Currently, KMB INTERACT‐Efficient interaction between energy demand, surplus heat/cool and thermal storage in building complexes‐ and KPN SuperSmart‐Rack are ongoing projects highly relevant for MultiPACK. SINTEF ER will also coordinate H2020 SuperSmart: Expertise hub for a market uptake of energy‐efficient supermarkets by awareness raising, knowledge transfer and pre‐preparation of an EU Ecolabel.

SINTEF ER has around 250 employees (2200 in the entire SINTEF group), and had a gross revenue of about 50 million € in the fiscal year 2015.

SINTEF will undertake the support actions required for the dissemination tasks, provide scientific evaluations and documentation for the demonstration sites and contribute to the tuning of the multi-ejectors.

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The National Research Council (CNR) is a public organisation; its duty is to carry out, promote, spread, transfer and improve research activities in the main sectors of knowledge and of its applications for the scientific, technological, economic and social development in Italy. The Construction Technologies Institute (ITC) research activity is mainly related to the building and construction area. The Padova section of ITC has about 50 years of experience in the field of refrigeration technology, with a specific vocation to experimental activity in commercial refrigeration, transport refrigeration, properties of refrigerants, IR Thermography and recently to Fluid Dynamics. 21 persons are currently employed in Padova.

The ITC fields of expertise involved in this proposal are related to refrigeration and heat pump technology, use of natural refrigerants, experimental thermal fluid dynamics analysis through Particle Image Velocimetry
(PIV) and Infrared Thermography applied to heat exchangers, fan coils and indoor ambient.

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MC Hipermercados

SONAE (Sonae SGPS, S.A.) is a Portuguese retail company (Sonae MC and Sonae SR) with two big partnerships in the shopping centre areas (Sonae Sierra) and the Software and Information Systems, Media and Telecommunications (Sonaecom). Sonae has around 40,000 employees and is present in more than 60 countries. It is listed in Euronext PSI‐20, in Lisbon, under SON code.

Sonae was founded in 1959, in Maia, Portugal in the wood processing business and more specifically the production of high‐pressure decorative laminates, by the businessman, banker and patron from Arouca, Afonso Pinto de Magalhães. During its first two decades of existence, Sonae stayed as a small to medium‐size business, focused on the wood derivatives market.

From 2009, Sonae (Sonae SGPS, S.A.) holds a portfolio of businesses grouped into different business areas, where its subholdings are included.

Sonae MC ‐ Portuguese leader in the area of food retail, with a set of different formats: “Continente” (40 hypermarkets), “Continente Modelo” (120 supermarkets), “Continente Bom Dia” (52 convenience stores), “Meu Super” (200 franchising format of close‐by stores), “Bom Bocado” (100 restaurant services).

Sonae is the only European retailer to integrate the High Level Forum for a Better Functioning Food Supply Chain (HLF), the consulting group of the European Commission (EC) whose objective is to ensure consistency between the various initiatives of HLF and collaborate in defining industrial policy in the agro‐food sector.

Sonae has joined the European Code of Conduct for Best Practices in Food Supply Chain, a European initiative that is the result of an agreement between the main European associations of food industries and distribution in relation to the principles that govern the relationship between production and distribution.

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RACE (formerly known as SISTAVAC) is a SGPS from Sonae Capital that owns a shareholding of 70% in the share capital of RACE, SGPS, SA, the remaining 30% being held by Johnson Controls MC International. The company’s purpose is set to Design, Building and Maintenance of Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning facilities, relying on engineering expertise to optimize their client’s investments, using customized control systems by RACE Building efficiency.

RACE develops integrated engineering solutions to the following segments: Industry & Construction (petrochemical, components, pharmaceutical, food, data centres); Retail & Distribution (distribution, hospital management & catering, logistics hubs); Services (health care groups, shopping centres, offices, restaurants, airport facility management); International Projects (investment funds, engineering, international partnerships).

RACE is responsible for most of the refrigeration plants and maintenance of supermarkets and hypermarkets from Sonae MC and holds a highly qualified group of engineers and technicians with solid experience in large scaled projects both in national or international markets.

Its consolidated experience, about 30 years of experience, has allowed designing and building over 4,000 commercial and industrial facilities in Portugal and overseas. RACE currently employs about 300 employees distributed over five target zones: North, Central, South, Brazil and Angola.

Partners key facts

MultiPACK partners:

  • come from four European countries: Norway, Denmark, Portugal and Italy
  • cover various European regions for an optimal stakeholder involvement, transfer of results into national activities and a broad European coverage
  • are leaders in the promotion of climate-friendly technology alternatives, representing the innovative research community and private industry sector