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Aluminium is a high-quality material with a broad spectrum of possible uses, and an unrealised potential. There is a cross-industry goal to grow the cake of aluminium based products bigger through sustainable product solutions. But the aluminium product development value chain is fragmented, and none of the parties in it can grow the cake bigger on their own. Thus, the creation of NAPIC.

NAPIC is a multi-disciplinary center, bringing together complimentary disciplines to improve the way aluminium products are brought to market. The center's main delivery is therefore knowledge on aluminium product development methodology. Challenges like e.g. communication, integration and transfer of knowledge between stakeholders will be addressed. An improved methodology is imperative to bring new products to market faster, while still being profitable for all parties involved in the process. NAPIC will bring together existing processes and opportunities, and research how these can work together more efficiently. In many ways, you can see NAPIC as a hub where material suppliers, developers, designers, engineers, architects, producers etc. come together.  

If all stakeholders in aluminium product development are ingredients, then NAPIC is the oven. Together they can bake the cake of sustainable aluminium products to unknown proportions.  


Research objective

NAPIC will establish a sustainable portfolio of R&D projects. See examples below:


For instance Road masts (Lattix), Bridge (Artificial Sea Bed), Urban ater Shuttle (Fjellstrand) and shelters (Aqua Fence)


For instance VALUE


For instance MANU-LAB and Katapult


For instance KiC Manufacturing

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Geir Ringen