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Welcome to Nordbatt 2

Welcome to Nordbatt 2


The NORDBATT 2 conference will be hosted in Trondheim, Norway on the 2-3 December by NTNU and SINTEF.


The Nordic Battery Conference (NORDBATT) provides the opportunity to review the most recent advances in battery science from materials development to cell electrochemistry and battery utilization for a range of applications.

In addition, it provides the basis for a Nordic platform in which industrial representatives and scientists meet to communicate the needs of industry along with novel ideas which inspire scientific breakthroughs and technological advances for electrochemical energy storage solutions.

The conference takes place over two days with both oral presentations made by leaders in the field of battery research and industrial representatives along with poster sessions in which more informal discussions concerning the latest research are facilitated. Keynote speakers include Dr. Petr Novak, Professor at Paul Sherrer Institute (ETH – Zurich), Switzerland and Dr. M. Saiful Islam,  Professor at University of Bath, UK, and Dr. Kristina Edström, Professor at University of Uppsala - Ångström Laboratory.

Important dates

Important dates

  • Last chance early bird fee: October 16, 2015
  • Nordbatt 2 Conference: December 2-3, 2015
  • Final day of registration: November 20, 2015

Confirmed speakers

(Updated Nov. 6th, 2015)

Confirmed speakers

Below is a list of the speakers that we have confirmed so far. Not all topics or titles are ready, but this will be updated continuously as soon as we receive information.

Titles have also been added to two of the keynote speakers.


Confirmed speakers

Presentation title or topic

Ola Nilsen (University of Oslo)



Electrons in motion at UiO

Toshihiko Mandai (Chalmers)

Novel non-aqueous electrolytes for rechargeable Al-batteries

Mikko Pihlatie (VTT)

Design and dimensioning commercial traction battery systems – heavy duty requirements

Juho Välikangas (Oulu)

Novel cathode chemicals in lithium-ion batteries

Ahmet Tezel (Graphene Batteries AS)

Novel designs for high performance lithium batteries

Sissel Forseth (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment)

Lithium Batteries – A matter of Safety

Don Siegel (DTU/U of Michigan)

Transport phenomena in metal-oxygen batteries: A multi-scale perspective

Preben Vie (IFE)

Li-ion batteries for maritime conditions - life and safety considerations

Johan Hjelm (DTU)

Battery Research at DTU Energy - from atomic scale to battery packs

Hanne Flåten Andersen (IFE/Elkem)

A cost-efficient silicon-carbon based anode material for Li-ion secondary batteries

Ann Mari Svensson (NTNU)

The carbon-electrolyte interface at high cathodic voltages

Sophie Labonnote-Weber (Cerpotech)

Advanced battery materials by spray pyrolysis



Keynote Speakers


Professor Saiful Islam (Bath University)

Lithium and Sodium Battery Materials: Atomic-Scale Insights into Defects, Diffusion and Surfaces

Professor Petr Novak (Paul Sherrer Institute, ETH)

Development of Battery Materials: Basics, Unknown Effects, and Beyond

Kristina Edström (University of Uppsala)

Topic to be announced




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