About POAC

About POAC

– International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions

The POAC Conference originated in Trondheim in 1971. Since then the Conference has been held every 2 years at different international venues.

The objective of POAC is to improve knowledge of ice-related problems by having scientists and engineers discuss and exchange ideas on relevant topics. Every POAC conference has been a forum for discussions and exchange of research results and field experience. They have become premier events for international exchange on developments of several ice engineering topics. In addition to personal communications, one major objective is to have national and international organizations, industries, and research institutes engaged in Arctic and Antarctic research to report their work at the POAC Conference.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway, hosted the POAC conference in 1971, 1979 and 2003. We are happy to inform that now it is our turn again and NTNU is hosting the 23rd International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions (POAC) in Trondheim. The conference will be held June 14th-18th, 2015 at the Campus of NTNU.

Trondheim is a historical city but now also ‘the technological capital' of Norway hosting NTNU and several research organizations. The city offers many attractions for both Participants and Accompanying Persons. There are a number of activities planned that will ensure both technical and cultural enjoyment for everyone.

Everyone is welcome to attend POAC'15. The conferences have a loyal following since they provide current information on the state-of-the-art of ice engineering in a friendly atmosphere. People who attend POAC Conferences continue to attend on a regular basis.


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