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SEED aims to support, facilitate and initiate development of any and all aspects of learning and teaching in science and engineering education. To this end, the main process to be developed is understood to be the student's learning, from matriculation to graduation. The center is common to the three faculties: Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology, the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, and the Faculty of Science and Technology.

SEED carries out concrete activities in response to identified problems, in support of prioritized actions for education development, and helps with the analysis of impact. The center works through the direct response to queries, through the mediation of support in a network of engaged teachers or pedagogical developers, and through events where interested teachers and students meet.

Finally, the center shall work towards the strategic development and establishment of several SFU (Senter for fremragende utdanning/Centers for excellent education) at the three faculties involved.


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In order to succeed we need ...

Pedagogical know-how & Expertise

Skills and infrastructure

Change management push for educational development within the science- and engineering disciplines at a high academic level

... focussing on high quality education, innovative learning environments, infrastructure, and the use of ICT

... coupled with education management that supports enhanced learning for the students