One-year programme, Trondheim

Social Anthropology - One-Year Programme

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The language of instruction is Norwegian.

The one-year programme is an offer for students who would like to study social anthropology for a shorter period of time.

Social anthropology is the comparative study of culture and society. The starting point for this discipline is the cultural diversity in the world. Anthropologists study the social processes which produce, change and maintain this diversity.

The one-year study is not a degree itself, but it is possible to apply for the bachelor's degree after completing the study.


Language of instruction: Norwegian

Duration: One-year, 60 ECTS
Programme code: ÅSANT
Application code: 194 367
Restricted admission: Yes

Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences
Department of Social Anthropology

City: Trondheim
Application deadline: 15th April

Validity of information: 2016/17

Contact us

(+47) 73 59 65 52
Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday from 12.30-14.30
Visiting address:

Department of Social Anthropology
Building 7, level 4

Postal address:

NTNU Dragvoll
Department of Social Anthropology
7491 Trondheim