Filling out PDF forms

You may experience problems with filling our and saving PDF forms. Read the information below carefully and make sure that your information is correctly stored in the form before you upload or send it. 

Windows user

It is not possible to save text or other information you have entered via a web browser. You have to save the document (right click, and selv Save as...), and then open the file in an updated PDF reader (like Adobe Reader). In the PDF reader you can full out and save the form.

Mac users

Preview is the standard program for opening PDF documents for Mac, but it is not suited for filling out PDF forms. You can avoid problems by opening the form in an updated PDF reader (like Adobe Reader) instead of using Preview

If you do fill out the form in Preview you can save the information you have entered by printing the document as a PDF. Select Print (+p) and choose PDF as format from the drop down menu. NB! In Preview it is not possible to correctly save information in the form by using Archive

Pen and paper

Remember that you can also print out the PDF form on paper and will out the form by hand. The completed form can be scanned and uploaded or sent to us.