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Bachelor in Political Economy

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Political Economy. Photo: Kim Ramberghaug

This programme is taught in Norwegian.

Interaction between politics and economics at the national and international level

Political Economy is the study of the interaction between politics and economics at the national and international level. Models and methods are collected both from economics and political science. Emphasis will be on the relationship between the market and governance, and the influence of interest groups and institutions. During the programme students will be provided with insight into the functioning of the economy and how the economy can be politically regulated.

The bachelor's degree in political economy provides students with extensive skills in analytical and statistical methods. The courses offered in economics provide the students with knowledge of how the economy works and discuss normative theories of economic regulations. The courses offered in political science provide the students with knowledge of political behavior, as well as national and international political institutions.


There are also some cross-disciplinary courses to provide the students with insight to various economic and political science approaches to political economy.

Programme structure
A bachelor's degree requires three years of studies and the students are offered a possibility to combine different courses. For detailed information about the courses and information regarding language of instruction, please consult the course list. Most of the courses in political economy are held in Norwegian.

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